Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is a FAM Trip?

A FAM is a familiarization trip. Usually hosted or at a discounted rate for the content creator. FAMs are a way to become familiar with a destination or service while creating content for their reader/viewership through first hand experience.

Q. How does Travel Talker help me?

As a content creator, it enables you to have access to calls for content creators to apply for trips. As a host, Travel Talker enables access to a broad variety of content creators. Too often, the return on investment for FAMs is lost because of mismatched content creators and trips. Travel Talker helps facilitate the optimal pairing of hosts and content creators for specific, targeted FAMs while enabling reviews of previous work and specialties.

Q. I don't have a specific FAM trip planned, can I still use Travel Talker as a host?

Absolutely. Media rates can be posted to your profile page or an open-ended FAM host posting can be posted for journalists traveling to your area. This allows for marketing and communication specialists to refer content creators to your profile to gain information independently.

Q. Does Travel Talker put together itineraries for the FAMs?

We love travel as much as you do! But, we are a connecting service and do not put together itineraries nor individual travel plans. We facilitate the call to content creators so they can experience your location or service as you know how to showcase what you do so well.

Q. How much does Travel Talker cost?

Content Creators use credits to apply for FAM trips

  • Economy Class - Free membership comes with 5 credits per month
  • Business Class - $15/mo or $150/year ($12.50/mo) comes with 10 credits per month
  • First Class - $25/mo or $250/year ($20.83/mo) comes with unlimited credits per month

Hosts have no trip credits

  • Economy Class - $25/mo or $250/year ($20.83/mo) provides full usage for 1-5 users
  • Business Class - $40/mo or $400/year ($33.33/mo) provides full usage for 6-15 users
  • First Class - $50/mo or $500/year ($41.66/mo) provides full usage for 16-50 users
  • If you have more than 50 users, please contact us for pricing.
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